Technology And Digital Standards

The purpose of this site is to provide a central location for standards related to digital related adoption and project delivery. Standards will be added and updated at regular intervals. We have worked with various local and international partners to provide the best practices with the hope that these standards shall provide a minimum level of quality to all systems delivered to the state.

Service Standard

The standard for services guidance and best practises.

API technical and data standards

Guidance for using APIs to build the best possible digital services.


The standard documentation for describing available features in the system.

Software Development

The standards for building services with accessibility in mind.

Version Control and Deployments

Keeping trace of changes to the source code over time and help future developers understand the process.

User Research Guidance

Learn about users and create services that meet their needs.

Improving The Page

The standards on this site has been developed to provide guidance for those within the government or those doing related projects with the government. Adoption of the standard will ensure a minimum level of quality is present in all of the projects and systems. To further improve the standards, regular feedback is required to ensure it is relevant and provides value to the current and future environment.

Your opinion matters. Click "FEEDBACK" to let us know how we can further improve the standards.

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